Historical Hints Hotel Alpha Sant'Agnello Sorrento

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Hotel Alpha
Viale dei Pini - 80065
Sant’Agnello Sorrento (NA) - ITALY
Ph: +39 081 8782033
Fax: +39 081 8785612
E-mail: info@hotelalpha.it

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Our History

The four- star Hotel Alpha has its origins from the remarkable entrepreneurial skill of Giovanna Cafiero, captain Francesco d’Esposito's widow, who’s been master mariner of the mercantile marine. He was an heir, along with his children Bruno, Pia and Gianfranco, of a 19th- century property  with a rural mansion  placed in one of the most quiet and richest areas in Sant’Agnello. In 1974 he let it build with Bruno and Gianfranco's cooperation.

Bruno, first of all, chose the name Hotel Alpha and contributed to start up the business with his deep experience achieved   during his long years of cooperation with the main world sailing companies in the tourist trade. 

The  running of the hotel was given to Gianfranco who, in a short time, made it a welcoming and familiar Hotel with a fine restaurant and high quality food.

Soon it became a renowned tourist business,  longed- for by  tour operators present on the market at that time, some of whom are still here with their guests today. In over 30 years of the Hotel running, he has been able to raise, with his constant care and diligence, the hotel category, from 3 to 4 stars. The villa has changed through the years by offering all kinds of comforts and, thanks to the combination of all these factors, we have been able to make the customer trust us and so to come back here to our Hotel every year.